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What is Corozo?

tagua tagua tagua

Corozo are products of Tagua nuts grown naturally in the subtropical rainforest of South America. The Tagua palm tree, scientifically known as Phytelephas Macrocarpas, can grow up to twenty feet, while producing large studded fruits. These fruits contain up to five to six cone cluster of seeds, where each cluster is filled with approximately 50 to 60 cavities of white fluid. Eventually, these fluids ripen into a hard white material, known as the Tagua nut.

During Tagua nut’s premature stage, its seeds are sweet with a textural consistency of soft pudding. It is often eaten by locals and animals of the region because it is plentiful in vitamins. Locals also claim that eating it would help nourish the skin. After Tagua nuts have undergone months of hot weather conditions, it would ripen and become extremely hard. Its hardness and color resembles very close to ivory, hence the nut is also referred to as Vegetable Ivory.

Once the Tagua nut has reached its maturity, this raw material is harvested. It can then be peeled, sculpted into shape and then polished. The nut’s durable characteristic allows it to be a preferably choice for carvings, jewelry and garment accessories.