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Why Corozo?

  • Renewable Raw Material

  • Biodegradable Resource

  • Beautiful Natural Grains

  • Hard and Durable

  • Porous Surface for Color Dyes

  • Fade Resistant
Corozo is a very appealing material selection as a garment accessory because of its environmental foot print, structural rigidity, and aesthetic beauty.

Corozo are Tagua nuts that grow and harden naturally in its environment. It does not require synthetic or harmful chemicals to produce like plastic products. It is a renewable resource that can be replenished and repeatedly harvested. Unlike plastics, this material is also biodegradable. If Tagua nuts are left alone, it would decompose back into the surrounding soil, which in turn enriches and feeds new vegetation.

Corozo's structural composition is one of its distinct features. This material is composed of many interweaved organic fibers that results in its hard and durable characteristic. Yet, the surface of this raw material is porous, thus it allows dyes to seep through. Corozo's durability can be compared to the characteristics of ivory. Their similar structural composition, allows it to be more resilient to chipping and cracking when compared to other plastics.

Corozo is aesthetically unique. All products come from nature, thus each piece will have its own natural grain pattern. These natural patterns are further distinguished when they are dyed. Tagua nuts' curvature patterns accentuates a sense of elegance, thus it complements materials, such as velvet, silk, pashm, leather, fur and other natural fibres very well.

In recent years, improvements in production techniques and efficiency have lowered the cost difference between Corozo and plastic buttons. Corozo products are now cheaper and more affordable, therefore it has become a very attractive material selection for fashion designers who want distinguishable and environmentally conscious products for their garments.