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Company History

Yee Fung Hong Limited was established in 1987 by founder Wilson Chiu. His interest had always revolved around having a business that could offer eco-friendly organic products. It was during early 1986, when Wilson had first stumbled upon information regarding the Tagua nut. He was instantly intrigued with its potential as a raw material. He was fascinated that the Tagua nut could be eaten as a nutritious pudding during its premature stage, and he was delighted to discover that once the nut has matured, it would harden and have a similar resemblance to ivory's beauty and rigid structural characteristics.

Wilson Corozo In 1987, Wilson travelled to South America pursuing suppliers of this raw material. Later in the year, he established a factory (named Wei Tong Button Factory) in mainland China. He began producing Tagua carvings and jewelry and sold them in great demand around the world.

In 1997, the company shifted its focus towards primarily producing and wholesaling buttons and zipper pullers made from the same Tagua nut (garment accessories made with Tagua nuts are referred to as Corozo). To this day, Yee Fung Hong Ltd. continues to supply Corozo blanks, buttons and zipper pullers to the mass market.

Yee Fung Hong Limited is now well established in Asia, as one of the very few button manufacturers that specialize in producing Corozo buttons and zipper pullers. The years of experience Yee Fung Hong Ltd. has accumulated working with Tagua nut, along with a strong network of raw material suppliers, allows the company to fulfill a client’s request of any volume quantity, of any particular quality and of any style.

It has become the company’s mission to offer environmentally friendly Corozo garment accessories with a genuine customer service, an excellence in product quality, and a prompt delivery service.